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Multiple ways to build your team during Corona outbreak

Here are a few ideas to keep the fuel of your team burning even during the Pandemic

One fine day, when no one saw it coming, a virus that isn’t even visible to the naked eye shook the whole world. But just like every event when the human race was attacked by a global crisis, people came over and survived it. While the world is changing its methods of working and is creating paths around the problem, organizations are seeking ways to keep their teams motivated. A healthy state of mind can lay a strong foundation for all the requirements of the world.

Trying to make things easier for employers and team managers, here is a list of ideas that could benefit those looking for effective team building activities without compromising on their health and safety during the Corona period.

Quarantine Diaries

This is a virtual team building exercise that allows people to take a peek into one another’s lives during the quarantine period. While most people are still struggling with the new routine, it would be a great idea to bring the team together virtually to discuss their new lifestyle changes and how they overcome these modern problems. This will allow people to learn, adapt and most importantly empathise with one another after learning about their stories. This could also work as a very efficient ice breaker.

Team building with Remote Escape Room

Show and Tell (Family/ Pet edition)

Most people are still confused about how to react when a family member or a pet invades a video conference. But most organizations are trying to assure them that this is normal and understandable considering this is a house and the environment is different. To familiarise the team with the new environment, there could be a show and tell exercise where team members can bring their family members or pets on the video conference to have others familiarise and be more understanding of their situations.

Virtual game of ‘two truths and a lie’

The classic game of a member saying three statements and the rest of the team guessing which two sentences are true and which one is the lie is a popular game to understand how well the others know you. This game could help bring the team closer and exclude any possible hostile situations.

Online Escape Rooms

One of the most sought after games available online, Escape Rooms is one of the best designed exercises to bring a team together. Other than being able to participate at the comfort of their homes, it is impressive to know that this would only take an hour of your time and most people don’t even realise how the one hour passes, thanks to its extremely fun tasks. A game that brings out people’s skills, problem solving abilities and team spirit, this could be one of the best options to strengthen the unity of the team, which would further reflect on their performance at work. Keeping in mind how this game pretty much tugs at all strings of the skill set required to run a successful business team, escape rooms is the perfect package of fun, efficiency and motivation.

 A virtual picnic

A simple tradition of hanging out with food and drinks from your own house, while sitting in front of the screen and having conversations to get along with each other. This is just like a team lunch, except its digital (And you don’t have to tip anybody. Yay!)

Excited about the new ways of the world? Pick your favourite activity and make your work life as fun as it should be!


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