Jones' Adventure - Journey to The Secret Chamber escape room

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Incredible stories have been told about an ancient relic that possessed special powers that can change the whole world. The Meso-Clan buried it in an unknown place to protect it from the hands of evil men. For 2000 years countless warriors fought for this rare treasure to rule the world. Fascinated by the stories, they set sail for this rare treasure. With the clues given, you stumbled upon the entrance to a hidden chamber...
Address: Level 1 741 George Street Haymarket NSW 2000 Australia
Phone: +612 8957 7640
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Reviews of Jones' Adventure - Journey to The Secret Chamber escape room

3 ratings on Jones' Adventure - Journey to The Secret Chamber Escape Room
Had a fantastic time at Jones's Adventure! It was fun, exciting and tricky!
1 years ago
Great game, friendly staff!_x000D_ _x000D_ A friend suggested we try the Indiana Jones Room. I liked the atmosphere of the room - the music, the lighting, the decorations and the puzzles! The very grateful staff gave us ten more minutes to finish the room and then guided us through the rest.
1 years ago
I am an avid escape room fan/graduate/addict and have done 12 rooms in Sydney, including three rooms in BreakTheCode (Avatar, Lost & Indiana Jones)._x000D_ _x000D_ Aesthetically, this outfit is very good, with some pleasant decorative accents. All rooms look the way they look, and they have clearly devoted a lot of time to this. The rooms have captured the look and "mainly" the feeling, but the music could be improved sometimes. _x000D_ _x000D_ All the rooms indicate that they can be occupied by 8 people, and I find this point incredibly irritating because they are clearly thinking about their final result and not about the experience. I did Avatar with 7 people, and they all found it much too comfortable = frustrating, because we are toasting each other. There is not enough space on the page to puzzle everybody. All rooms should have a maximum of 6 people and the ideal number should be 4-5 imo._x000D_. _x000D_ For an escape room to function effectively, it must be completely immersed and capture all your senses. There have been a considerable number of glitches that have severely affected the experience, e.g. no blindfolds, no handcuffs, the help button is only in the first room, locked in the rooms & the door opener doesn't work, the flashlights don't work, the buttons fall off the walls and my biggest pet hate... the staff explains the puzzles completely at the beginning of the game & what/how to do, a big mistake. The staff are all very pleasant, but I find them a bit dull..._x000D_ _x000D_ Some puzzles are pretty clever. The last one in Lost was excellent. However, I generally found many puzzles that have a smooth flow or are a bit lame, e.g. the last one from Indiana._x000D_ _x000D_ This escape space has some great themed rooms and promising possibilities. Most of the above themes can be easily changed, and some could be attributed to the fact that they have just started, but they need to improve their game, considering their competition._x000D_ _x000D_ Break the Code is currently billed as the most expensive escape room in Sydney (45 dollars), which is itself somewhat optimistic. I would not pay full price if it is cheaper and better elsewhere. There is currently an online offer for $19, and that is more than reasonable for this escape room.
1 years ago

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