Escape room

The secret of the escape game

Do you want to be a master of escape rooms? We can help you! Now we tell you the secret of a successful escape game. Keep that in mind, because it will help a lot in your next adventure.

Do you want to be a master of escape rooms? We can help you! Now we tell you the secret of a successful escape game. Keep that in mind, because it will help a lot in your next adventure.

Many believe that creativity, logic, and good problem-solving skills are already more than enough to be successful in the escape rooms. Experience, however, shows that it is not.



The success of an escape game depends much more on teamwork than on individual skills. We have seen countless games already and we have always noticed that companies that play in a coordinated, team-like way are successful.


Why? The answer is very simple: we have built the escape rooms in such a way that they do not follow the logic of one person, but each puzzle comes from a different one, so their solution requires several ways of thinking. We have never seen anyone alone who could have solved all the tasks on time.

And time is the other important factor. Think about how much faster you can solve puzzles if not everyone is dealing with everything at once. The issue of efficiency is vital not only in your workplace, but also certainly in out-of-the-box games.


The lesson: you need a team to be successful in escape games.


Gather your friends and face the challenge together!




More important, however, is for the team to work in a coordinated and effective manner. For that - and here comes the biggest secret - you need a leader.

All right, but who is a good leader, what do you need to be one?

  • communicates well: not only gives instructions, but also listens to and takes into account the arguments of the team members
  • simplifies: sees the tasks and ideas and is able to choose the most effective, simplest solution
  • makes a decision: has the determination and courage to make a decision


It is worth thinking about who in your company is capable of the above. In the next game, give it a try and choose a leader!


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