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It is scientifically proven: you will be happy in the escape room

Surely, you have encountered in your life the refreshing feeling of completely excluding the outside world by immersing in your hobby.

Surely, you have encountered in your life the refreshing feeling of completely excluding the outside world by immersing in your hobby. It happens to you that you focus on just one thing for hours. If you are lucky enough, it has already happened in your work, and if you are even luckier, this condition is permanent.

Science calls this feeling a flow experience.


The flow experience


Flow means a state where you are completely immersed in what you are doing. This is when time and the outside world disappear.

This is good because in this state, people can perform outstandingly without efforts. It is like a flow - hence the name of the theory -. This is when everyone is focused, efficient, and feels in control.

This experience can be triggered by any activity because the flow does not depend on the content but rather on the quality of the activity. The most important task is to have a specific goal in front of us. Or the fact that, depending on our abilities, we dive into a slightly more difficult task than we can easily cope with.


The flow makes you happy


A Prize-winning Hungarian scientist, Mihány Csíkszentmihányi, developed flow theory when he sought the secret of happiness on a scientific basis. During his research, he has done plenty of in-depth interviews with successful and happy people to find the point they have in common.


“When I was 5, my mother said happiness is the key to a beautiful life. At the age of 6, when I went to school and was asked what I wanted to be when I was big, I wrote "happy." They said I misinterpreted the question. I said they misinterpreted life. ”

John Lennon

Csíkszentmihányi found that they feel best in their activity when they can immerse themselves in what they feel best with full devotion. Leading athletes, company executives, artists have all stated this. And what is even more special, they all reported a completely similar experience, no matter how far apart they were able to prove success.


Mihály Csíkszentmihályi's presentation on the flow experience source: ted.com


Flow experience at work


People most often encounter tasks to be solved at their workplace, so they also have the best chance of experiencing the flow experience there. Unfortunately, this is by no means guaranteed. Most work easily becomes a routine task or a compulsion, which can be a burden rather than a source of happiness.


If this happens, then the flow experience will also be missed. Between monotonous, repetitive tasks and duties, there is simply no area left where the flow would catch us.


Flow experience in the escape room


Escape rooms offer a great opportunity to enjoy the flow experience because everything is there for the players to focus exclusively on the very specific task ahead.


Escape rooms create an atmosphere that helps players experience what they are doing, and with the exclusion of all other thoughts. It is rarely given that someone can enjoy this immersive experience in a quickly flying 60 minutes. Moreover, the escape room gives a little more than that because there is an opportunity for one to join the experience in a group. Therefore, we can safely state that it is worth trying the escape games because it has been scientifically proven that you will be happy in the escape rooms.

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