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Halloween Special- Pandemic edition

Here are a few ideas to do on Halloween during COVID

The season of Pumpkin Lattes and the infamous sweater weather is here and we are more than ready to jump into every opportunity we get to try and make things spookier. From deciding on the scariest Halloween costume to making plans to add to the vibe of the festival, there are so many decisions to make! People across the world were so excited about Halloween 2020 before the virus situation caused a lot of damage to the world routine. However, the most impressive thing about us beings is that we always find a way to make things work! And to make your Halloween experience the fun one you have been looking forward to, we have made a list of activities you could do to celebrate the ghost life!

The old school movie plan:

When everything else fails, scary movies prevail! An idea that people love even when there is no Halloween, is one that can never go wrong this time. Pick the scariest movie you haven’t watched yet. We’d recommend Host, Uncle Peckerhead, Come to Daddy, Hostel part-3 and more that is available on OTT platforms. Grab some popcorn, get cozy on your couch and let the horror movie marathon begin!

Online Escape Rooms for the adrenaline junkie:

Sometimes just a movie is not enough to do justice to the spirit of Halloween. To take the highroad to Halloween, consider playing a virtual game of Escape Rooms to make your festive experience livelier. Real-time deadlines, nail-biting surprises, the most immersing stories to break through and win the task, are all the benefits of choosing this option. Imagine a scary house but virtually when you’re all alone in your room. For some reason this feels like the scariest yet most exciting idea this year!

Bring your own Zoom!

Host an amazing online Zoom party for Halloween. Everyone invited must dress up in a costume and join the meeting at the given time. While they arrange their own alcohol and food, ensure to share your playlist with them just in case someone has better music equipments that could enhance the whole party experience. Play games, take pictures and do everything you’d do in a regular party, except, this time involve a lot of social distancing. Don’t forget to call all your friends as Zoom allows a maximum of 100 participants and regardless of where the party’s at; the more, the merrier!

Carve a Pumpkin for the gram!

Announce a pumpkin carving contest on Social Media. If it is with a set of friends make sure the winner gets a fun advantage like being Halloween King/ Queen of the year and can boss around everyone else. Ensure there is no bar in creativity and give people complete freedom on how they choose to design it. The weirder, the better! Pumpkin carving is an old tradition that got lost among all the new trends in celebration. Bring it back and make it fit the generation by adding your own set of rules, traditions and ideas to celebrate the day!

girl holding a halloween pumpkin

Story time, kids:

Bring back the creeps by organizing a story telling dinner virtually. Set up a zoom dinner party where people just sit with their food and drinks and tell each other about their scariest or supernatural experiences. And we all are sure of this now, there is nothing scarier than a personal encounter and this is exactly what is going to give you sleepless nights. But we believe that’s the exact thing you would like to achieve on a hazy Halloween day!

So now that the list is prepared make sure to make your Halloween a fun one. And also, don’t look under the bed.

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