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Be a Pro at Social Distancing

Escape away this spooky season with London’s best set of Escape Rooms

Social Distancing was a hard pill to swallow for us social beings. Having lived the way we did and seeking for company wherever we go, the isolation caused by the new norm hasn’t been easy on a lot of people. Most introverts though absolutely love the new way of life. No matter how people perceive it, we all must get though this together.

Most people have changed their routine in order to fit to the new norms, few of which don’t let you have fun the way you used to. To help you make the most of these times we present to you few of the best activities to do for fun without compromising on the social distancing requirements.

1. Watch the worst movie you can think of

I know this sounds funny but stay with us on this one. Pick the worst movie based on movie charts or ranking sites and find out why people hated it so much. The worst movie needn’t be a boring movie and there are very high chances that you might come across the most baseless yet funny/entertaining movie ever. A few suggestions of these movies could be Birdemic, The Room or Sharknado! Go watch away.

2. Build a blanket fort:

This idea will take you back to your childhood and will leave you feeling puffed up again. Building a blanket fort can be so much better now that you won’t have to sneak in the blankets away from your parents. Build a fort of your dreams and make a cozy movie night in there.


3. Cooking:

A lot of people who haven’t had the smallest inkling of what happens in the kitchen have begun showing interest in the culinary department. It’s pretty obvious considering it’s such a therapeutic process. The act of putting together ingredients and watching it react with each other gives you a sense of creativity and achievement. And as you pick up on the habit, one will actually enjoy the whole process of it. You can eventually start posting these on Social Media for motivation.

blonde lady cooking

4. Hiking:

Here’s an idea that’s good for your physical health and even better for your mental health.  Go hiking. Just you and the nature, to avoid all things that might cause a distraction is an experience you must try! The experience will leave you with hope, fresh perspectives and a little strain on the calf muscles. However, everyone that goes hiking assures that the view from the destination is totally worth the pain. So what are you waiting for?

5. Online Escape Rooms:

The lack of challenges dimming your thought process is a common problem in the Corona era. To give you the right blend of fun and excitement, the best digital experience of Escape Rooms allowing you to enjoy the game while safely social distancing from your personal space is at your service. One can connect with their friends/ family virtually and participate in a game full of puzzles, riddles, tasks and plenty of adrenaline rush. The game not only entertains you but also helps develop skills like communication, cognitive skills, time management, decision-making skills and more! This is definitely the most productive yet amusing option of all the above. Let’s see your game?

The most important thing to remember during this period is that ‘Mind Over Matter’ is as real as it gets. Even in the darkest times, choose to be happy. While you ensure the safety of you and the people around you, don’t let the stress of the world get to you. Take a break and have fun Social Distancing!

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