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A day in the life of an escape room Game Master

If you're a people oriented type of person, and you like puzzles and mind games, then being an escape room games master could be the perfect job for you. For a start, many people have never actually heard of this job title before, so it does have an air of mystery about it.

The Work Of An Escape Room Games Master

If you're a people oriented type of person, and you like puzzles and mind games, then being an escape room games master could be the perfect job for you. For a start, many people have never actually heard of this job title before, so it does have an air of mystery about it. Of course you could simply say that you enjoy locking people up in dark rooms and then watching them as they struggle to escape, but that might bring the conversation to a grinding halt. On the other hand, if you've previously played an escape game then you'll know that the Games Master is always behind the scenes ensuring that the game is an enjoyable and fulfilling adventure. As far as the job goes, well, let's say that there's a lot going on and you'll need to have your wits about you all the time.

A Day In The Life Of An Escape Games Master

Before the rooms can be opened for play, all the clues and puzzles, along with locks and keys have to be checked. Things that need to be hidden along with the positioning of relevant objects all falls under the watchful eye of the Games Master. Everything needs to be ship shaped and Bristol fashion so that the games can run smoothly.

As soon as the first team arrives, then their escape room experience has already started. Here at ExitTheRoom we are sticklers for getting everything right. From the moment the customer walks into the building, then our job is to ensure that they feel comfortable and secure. For us, we get to find out their level of experience whilst trying to gauge exactly what type of players they'll be. We also try to fathom the level of interaction they might be needing from our end. At this point, once the introductions are done, then the Games Master will start the process of going through safety and gaming procedures. 

Setting The Scene

Once the practical consideration are out of the way, then starts the description of the mission at hand. This is the actual beginning of the game, and everyone should be paying close attention to every word. The Games Master will describe a scenario the room is based on, normally in the form of a narrative or story. Then comes the part where the customers are inserted into this tale, and given a mission to fulfill. After this talk you may ask any questions. But don't bother asking anything about the clues or puzzles as they are for you to discover yourselves. If you have any problems with feelings of claustrophobia, then now is the time to speak up.

Let The Game Begins

As the team of players are entering their room, so the Games Master will be entering his room. From here he can check on the team, see their progress and watch how they approach puzzle solving. He makes sure that all the players are involved, as well as ensuring to give the right hints at the right time. It's perfectly normal that at some points in the game play, players get frustrated or maybe the team stops functioning as a cohesive unit. This is anther point where the Games Master will step in. In some ways, being a Games Master is very similar to being an "on call" psychologist, ready to jump in but at a moments notice.

Unique Sets Of Problems

One aspect of the job that keeps things interesting is that no two teams ever have the same problems. Each team is made up of completely different individuals, all wanting to stamp their mark on the proceedings. Some will be quiet as they all concentrate, whereas others can be noisy and bursting with exuberance. The Games Master will need to understand the needs of each type, and know when to step forwards and when to remain in the background. Because the escape room is to all intents and purposes a live action game, then the Games Masters need to be on their toes, as anything can happen at any moment. This means that is anything doesn't go as planned, then the Games Master will need to be very quick thinking so as not to disturb the overall experience. 

The Importance Of The DeBriefing

Once the final puzzle has been completed, or if the team has run the clock down completely, then it'll be time for a debrief. The teams will be overflowing with energy and on a sort of high, as they still have adrenaline surging through their system. So it's super important that the Games Master doesn't being them back down to earth with a bang, especially if they're not ready. Once they're on their way, then the room needs to be "re-set" for the next group.

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