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3 secrets known only to the best escape room players

If you have been to an escape room and are ready to go back, or just want to learn about escape games, these 3 professional tips will come in handy

If you have been to an escape room and are ready to go back, or just want to learn about escape games, these 3 professional tips will come in handy.



Organize your tasks!


Do not only think about your work, there are always situations in daily life that need to be resolved, especially if you are in an escape room. The way you think about and organize your tasks is very important there, because that is one of the keys to a successful game.


We have noticed that teams that take the time to rethink the tasks they face and stop to organize and discuss them are the successful ones. Groups that just rushed in and started the game without any concept found themselves in a much more difficult situation.


Surely, you have experienced that haste never leads to good. If you get into everything at once, chances are you won’t be doing anything on time and only the failure of time will be waiting for you.


That does not have to be the case. Therefore, we recommend that immediately after surveying the field in the game and checking around, look at what types of tasks await you and who from the team is best suited to solve them. Do not deal with everything because everyone is wasting a lot of time with it.


Manage your time wisely!


You may know almost everything you need to be successful in an escape game, but you still have to deal with one important thing: time.

However, we reveal a secret: do not deal with it! Many see the clock as their greatest enemy, though it is not. When designing the tracks, almost everywhere they make sure that the tasks can be solved within the playing time.


The clock can only be distracting if you cramp and therefore start rushing. You can only be pushed out of concentration if you let that.


It is important, however, that if you are stuck on the track and you cannot move forward in 10 minutes, then you had better ask the game master for help. He will not solve the puzzle for you, but he will help you move in the right direction.


Help, we are stuck!

You sure know that game masters are there to help with anything whenever you ask them.


But when is it worth to ask for help? It is a clean line to be in the escape room to strain your brains and think a lot. However, most teams need 1-2 help, tips to complete the mission on time.


We recommend that you only ask for help if you have already shot all your ideas and in 10-15 minutes, you have not been able to move forward reasonably. If you do like this, a game master will not betray the solution either, he will only set you in the right direction and so the experience will be preserved.


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